A.I.S. SART - SOLAS Certified

Automatic Identification System Search And Rescue Transponder

Why choose AIS SART over Radar SART?

Traditionally SARTs were based on RADAR technology. When the SART was activated it would wait until a RADAR signal from a passing vessel was received, then emit a series of RADAR pulses. The SART would appear as a series of RADAR returns on the ships RADAR display leading to the SARTs location.

An AIS SART does not use RADAR technology, instead it transmits AIS messages containing accurate GPS position information. These messages can be received by any vessel with AIS and can generate an alarm linked to the exact location of the SART. AIS and RADAR SARTs are considered equivalent by maritime authorities.

AIS SART - SOLAS Certified Search & Rescue Transponder

AIS SART 100 is an internationally certified (Wheelmark) search and rescue transponder).

AIS-SART – shows position live on chartplotter/PC
Transmits the position of a liferaft / lifeboat in distress directly to all AIS receivers within range.

The em-trak AIS SART100 is quality engineered to be stored undisturbed for up to five years and be instantly operational in the event of an emergency. Each unit is supplied as standard with bulk head mounting bracket, grab bag and mounting pole. Extremely rugged, the SART100 will not let you down when you need it most.


  • Advanced technology maximises range.
  • High quality, designed to last.
  • Designed to operate in the harshest environment.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Internationally certified.


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SART Product Brochure
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