How to choose the right AIS for your Tender?

If your Tender has a fixed VHF/DSC & Chart Plotter:

  • B350 - waterproof to IP67, has 'silent/stealth mode' function  
  • B100 - not waterproof, has 'silent/stealth mode' function  
  • B330 - waterproof to IP67, has 'silent/stealth mode' function & integrated WiFi

If aiming for any of the above you will need an S100 antenna splitter in order to use the fixed VHF antenna you would already have fitted onboard rather then fitting a seperate one for the AIS unit. 

The unit options listed above will also show AIS data on the chart plotter onboard the Tender which for obvious reasons is a real asset when operating the hours of darkness (i.e. guest shore drop offs etc). 

The reason why we have highlighted the above is also because they all have 'silent/stealth mode' options which means when your Tender/s are alongside the Yacht or in port you can stop them transmitting i.e. when you don't want others to see where you / your guest & owners are .. 

We've listed the B100 as a cost effective option but this would only be suitable if the internal area of the console was 'dry' as it is not a fully waterproof product - these units get fitted on larger tenders with cuddys and cabins. Most of the products we've sold in the few years for the use you've suggested have been the B350's.. 

If your Tender does not have a console, VHF or chart plotter then:

  • AIS Identifier - fully waterproof, rechargeable battery, internal GPS and antenna - this item operates in isolation i.e. it does not need to be connected to anything.. 

All of the units above will allow your Tenders to be viewed on AIS from the bridge. 

As we're sure you're aware AIS operates via the VHF antenna range so if you have a 'stubby' antenna on your Tenders or you opt for the AIS Identifier (which has an internal stubby antenna) then the range will logically be more limited to AIS fitted to a tender with a longer VHF antenna. As most Yachts have long/high mounted VHF antenna this equally increases the range even with shorter antenna on the Tender. 

Hopefully the above makes sense, once you've had a browse through the above please let us know if you have any additional questions or queries to