Choosing the right AIS for your Commercial Vessel:

The system is mandatory on ships of over 300 tonnes, all passenger vessels, and in all EU fishing vessels of more than 16 metres length, with a few notable exceptions such as military and border patrol vessels. Initially ships were often fitted with only a basic text display for AIS data, although most now have an AIS overlay on radar and plotter screens. There’s no requirement for pleasure craft to fit the system (unless competing in ISAF Category 2 offshore races, such as the Rolex Fastnet Race), however vessels may benefit from fitting a receive only system, or a combined transmitter/receiver.


Product options:

AIS A200 Class A

The A200 Class A AIS transceiver complies with all AIS fisheries related regulations globally and is therefore the ideal choice for larger commercial fishing boats.

Easily installed on any fishing vessel, it seamlessly connects to your existing chart displays and due to its ruggedized, weather and waterproof construction, will operate reliably for years.

The physical button and dial professional user interface ensures reliable and consistent operation in all conditions using wet hands and gloves.

A200 also incorporates its own colour chart display and various functionality that supports MOB and AIS buoy trackers and is ideal for commercial vessels requiring high performance, reliable AIS with enhanced functionality.

The A200 is a fully integrated SOLAS certified AIS Class A transceiver ensuring global compliance with all national and international (IMO) regulations.

  • Single integrated unit
  • Integrated colour chart display
  • Easy connection with all bridge systems
  • Full range of AIS functionality


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What about in an Emergency?

AIS SART used to locate a distressed vessel at sea...

Useful downloads:

MSN 1837 (M) Amendment 1: categorisation of waters
Adobe Acrobat Document 554.5 KB
MGN 280 (M) Small vessels in commercial use for sport or pleasure, workboats and pilot boats
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