Inflatable Dog Boat Boarding Ramp

Inflatable Dog Boat Boarding Ramp

Designed to aid you dog in entering the water and re-boarding the swim deck of a boat, get onto a dock or out of a pool. The flexible ramp (mesh & planks) sinks into the water to enable your dog to grip when exiting the water. 

*Pls note - when entering the water you should not allow your dog to jump into the mesh/net when entering the water, but rather use it as 'steps' into the water OR jump into the water from the dock / boat / pool side and use the ramp to exit the water. 


  • Size: 1.5m x 1.0m x 15cm (Maximum dog weight approx 60kg)
  • Material: DWF + 0.7mm PVC
  • D-Rings to secure dog ramp to boat / dock / side of pool
  • Submerged ramp - Mesh with planks to use as steps/grips
  • Non-slip grip pad on top surface
  • Packed weight approx 6kg
  • Packed size approx: 55 x 30 x 30cm


  • Manual inflation pump
  • Carry Bag
  • Basic Repair Kit (no glue included)



  • Remove the ramp from the bag and unfold. 
  • Inflate the dog ramp until it is firm/rigid (careful not to over inflate!), close the valve and out cover on. 
  • Secure the dog ramp with rope to i.e. the swim platform of the boat, the dock or the edge of the swimming pool. We strongly suggest you use both D-Rings to stop the dock submerging / moving around too much when your dog is at the top (on the grip pad). 
  • Ready to go ! 

Deflation & storage

  • Remove dock from water, remove valve cover, open valve and deflate. Roll or fold with valve open to remove all air i.e. to get flat. Replace valve cover. 
  • Wash dock with fresh water to remove salt /chlorine. 
  • When leaving for longer periods of time dry the dock before storing. 


Q - Can this dock be used in the sea?

A - Yes, this product can be used to assist your dog in reboarding your boat or dock. Pls note, the dock must be attached to the boat/dock to aid with stability purposes. 

Q - Can this dock be used on a boat? 

A - Yes, secure the inflatable dock to the swim deck of your boat for easy exit

Q - Can this be used in a swimming pool? 

A - Yes, but it is recommended to take it out of the pool when not in use as the chlorine will degrade the product over time.