Inland Waterways AIS

Inland Waterways are a complex web of rules, regulations and challenges.

The A200 Class A AIS transceiver with its dual SOLAS Deep Sea and special Inland Waterway certification provides the perfect solution for any commercial or leisure vessel operating on inland waterways.

The A200 is fully certified to ensure compliance with all regulations, connects seamlessly to any nav display and application and provides a full host of additional functionality which gives you the option to benefit from the growing range of information available through AIS on inland waterways.

The combination of performance, long term reliability and competitive price make the A200 the best value AIS Class A in the market by far.

AIS A200 - Class A / Inland Transceiver

The A200 is a fully integrated AIS Class A transceiver which is both SOLAS and Inland Waterway certified for global compliance with all national and international (IMO) commercial vessel AIS regulations. 

A single integrated and small unit which is water and weather proof (IPx6 & IPx7), with integrated colour display. The A200 is easy to install, use, and integrate with all bridge systems as well as offering a full range of sophisticated AIS functionality such as alerts, target filters, vessel information lists, real time weather and more. 

  • IMO SOLAS Certified AIS Class A
  • EU Inland Waterway Certified
  • Ruggedized and impervious to extreme environments – water (IPx6 & IPx7), damp, shock, vibration, temperatures
  • High performance next generation GPS
  • Suitable internal or permanent external installation
  • Robust ergonomic button and rotary-knob user interfaces with configurable multi-lingual menu options
  • Integrated colour display with night mode
  • ENC chart (C-MAP) with configurable AIS target overlay
  • Silent mode – AIS transmissions  are stopped – all messages continue to be received
  • Integrated high performance WiFi
  • Pilot plug cable and Junction Box accessory options


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