jetski ais


The B922 AIS Class B Transceiver is the perfect choice for jet skis, increasing fun and safety. The easy-fit bracket enables quick installation inside a convenient storage or utility area without the use of screws.

Inside the B922 is a high-performance internal GPS antenna which means that it will GPS lock through the fibre glass and an external GPS antenna is not required and so only a single AIS/VHF whip antenna needs to be connected.

With dual WiFi and Bluetooth the B922 will connect to your call phone and provide AIS information to whatever navigation application you are running – all are compatible.

As well as transmit its own position to other vessels – which in heavy weather or an emergency could be critical! All of this within a small transceiver which is ruggedized and impervious to the effects of damp, temperature, water, shock and vibration.


  • WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity – connect and stream AIS data to smartphones and tablets onboard
  • Integrated high performance GPS receiver and antenna
  • Connects to any navigation display or chart plotter
  • Water, pressure spray and damp proof (IPx6 & IPx7)
  • Ultra low power consumption


  • Available
  • Ships within 5 - 10 days1