Work Harness

Full Body Harness

This economy fall arrest harness is designed around a simple concept to provide a protection harness at exceptional value. Survitec can supply a range of fall protection products offering all the necessary elements for a complete fall protection system allowing the user to choose components based on personal preference and job constraints.

The economy range is built with quality and reliability providing fall protection in a wide variety of circumstances while maintaining a focus on value and safety. Survitec offer a range of lanyards including retractable options to be used with the fall arrest harness.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable thigh and chest straps
  • Quick adjustment buckles
  • Can be used with a fall prevention device
  • Rear dorsal D ring connection (zinc plated steel)
  • Sub pelvic strap
  • Universal size
  • System Breaking Strength: 1500 DaN
  • Net Weight: 0.855kg
  • Approval: Complies with Standard EN 361:2002
Product # 777603


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RGH1 Harness

The RGH1 safety harness is a basic access harness fitted with a rear D. This harness is used primarily with a fall arrest lanyard (i.e. RGL1), to provide an operative with basic fall protection.

  • When used in conjunction with a twin leg lanyard (RGL3), the harness can be used for tower climbing, scaffold and general steel erecting
  • Suitable for use with fall arrest blocks, however we recommend the addition of the RGL4 extension strop to facilitate easy connection 


Accredited to EN 361:2002

Web Material: 45mm water repellent polyester

Fittings: High tensile steel alloy

Weight: 0.95 kg

Features: Rear attachment point, rip stitch indicators


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Work Positioning Safety Belt

Product Overview

Work positioning belts are used for two main purposes for those working at height. They are commonly used as restraint belts meaning that the belt is worn by a person who is working close to a potential fall. In this instance the person using the belt must set up a height safety system that makes it impossible for them to reach the falling edge. This can be done using a restraint belt and an adjustable restraint lanyard. This is working with restraint rather than fall arrest and therefore because the restraint system makes it impossible for them to reach the fall zone shock absorbing fall arrest equipment is not required. Restraint lanyards must not be used in a fall arrest situation.

The other use is as a work positioning belt used in conjunction with a fall arrest harness. A pole strap also known as a work positioning lanyard can be connected to the work positioning belt to give additional support to the worker allowing them to work more comfortably and therefore safer. Pole Straps are available in various lengths. Please note they do not provide fall protection. All pole straps can be adjusted to pass round the support structure and to accommodate different size users keeping the person working at height comfortable and safe. A separate fall arrest (shock absorbing) device such as a fall arrest lanyard or an inertia reel must also be attached to the harness.


  • Waist size 100cm/145cm
  • Adjustable buckle
  • 2 x lateral positioning D rings (Zinc plated forged steel)
  • Comfort pad (Thermo compressed foam, cotton inner lining) 
  • Sizes: Small, Standard, Large and X-Large
  • Complies with EN 358
  • Webbing Material - Polyester, Width: 45mm, Webbing strength >2200 DaN
  • Net Weight: 405g


** Please note the Work Positioning Safety Belt must only be used as a restraint belt it is not suitable for Fall Arrest applications and is not suitable for use as a Fire Fighters Belt.

Product #777604


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