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Jobe Venta 9.6 WindSUP

The Jobe Venta 9.6 Inflatable Paddle Board Package is an all new shape and is the perfect modular SUP for your adventurous needs! Featuring an easy to install windsurf mount, this inflatable stand up paddle board can take you wherever you want to go and back again with a little help from mother nature! At only 22 pounds inflated the Aero Venta SUP is extremely transported from adventure to adventure. The Aero Venta also features innovative technologies like X-Stitching Construction, Heat bonded technology (for quality and safety), and a traction rail on the bottom of the SUP board for more control of the board on the surface of the water!


What's Included: 

WindSUP Package: Aero Venta SUP Board 9.6, adjustable 3-piece fibreglass paddle, waterproof backpack, double action pump, 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash

 + Venta SUP sail



  • Heat bonded technology: more layer quality and safety
  • Non-slip EVA foam pattern, allows comfortable long term SUPing
  • Lightweight X-dropstitching construction
  • Stringer on top and bottom for the best stiffness
  • Age range: 9 years and up
  • Bungee storage net
  • Halkey Roberts Valve
  • Traction rail on bottom of the board for more control
  • 8" US fin & 2 molded side fins
  • D-ring on tip and tail
  • Easy-to-carry neoprene handle
  • Sail: mast, mast extension, mast base, uphaul cord, boom, 3,5m² sail, mast: 316cm, luff: 316cm, boom: 140cm
  • Valve patch assistance
  • Windsurf insert mounted in the board
  • Nose rocker: 9", Tail rocker: 0"
  • Recommended rider weight: Up to 140kg | 308 lbs
  • Board weight: 10,8kg | 23.8lbs
  • Package weight: 15,8kg | 34.8lbs
  • Dimensions: 9'6" x 33" x 6" | 2.90m x 83cm x 15cm
  • Volume: 279 l
  • WindSUP Package contains: Aero Venta SUP Board 9.6, adjustable 3-piece fibreglass paddle, waterproof backpack, double action pump, 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash


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Fanatic Viper Air Premium WindSUP 11'

Whether you’re Windsurfing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding it really doesn’t matter, because the Viper Air WSUP is equally good at both and when you’re done the whole board stores into a backpack! The Viper Air WS is the ultimate watersports toy!

Years of experience producing the best entry-level boards in the business has allowed Fanatic to take that knowledge and apply it to this inflatable version, the Viper Air WS. The result is a board that has all the glide, stability and manoeuvrability any beginner would expect from a windsurfing board. Yet at the same time it is designed in a way that blends windsurfing and SUP together into a board that is great for both.

The softdeck pad makes the Viper Air WS forgiving to learn on and of course, with all that volume and stability, it is also a comfy platform for passengers! Our aim has been to make the Viper Air WS something that the whole family can enjoy. Whether windsurfing, SUP’ing, catching your first waves or just floating around in the sun, this incredible board does it all. Who would believe that you could fit so much fun into a backpack!

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What's Included:

  • Board only: Board, Pump, Fin, Repair Kit
  • Board & Paddle: 50% Carbon Paddle w/ Leash, Board, Pump, Fin, Repair Kit


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Fanatic Ride SUP Rig

Easy to sail and effortless to uphaul, the Ride SUP rig is the ideal solution for light wind windsurfing on SUP boards (with mast track insert), or Windsurf / SUP boards such as the Viper Air. All components are designed to make rigging as simple as possible, so you can just rig and go in as little as 30 seconds!

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  • Modern performance shape – a great all-round shape that will suit both modern and older style boards, with a huge wind/trim range
  • High quality materials – best combination of durable yet light weight construction, especially in key stress areas
  • Compact luff/boom length – makes the sail more compact and keeps components to minimum
  • Batten tensioner – integrated hex key driven batten adjustment system; aerodynamic, effortless batten trimming


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Duotone iRIG Inflatable Windsurfing Sail

Compatible with Fanatic Viper Air Premium WindSUP board

The weight of the complete rig (including mast base) equals a 1,5 litre water bottle! The iRIG comes in a small backpack completely eliminating the transportation and storage problem. The iRIG is 70% lighter than a traditional Windsurf rig. It’s a common disbelief that it just depends on the size and stability of the board to avoid falling into the water. Yes a stable board helps keeping the balance of your legs. A heavy traditional rig (if not constantly kept in its balanced position) though generates a lot of leverage which literally lifts or pushes the rider out of position (ending up in the water). And even the biggest board won’t be able to avoid that. So the only solution to an instant learning success without falling into the water is a stable board in combination with the unbeatable low weight of the iRIG. On top the feather-light weight and the ability to float onto the water make starting a piece of case as you can literally lift the iRIG out of the water with just two fingers.


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