Jetski trolley

Whatever you want to call it: Stand, Trolley or Dolly, if you need the ability to store, move and reposition your jetski's in the garage or on deck, then the jetski trolley is the answer...

Superyacht Jetski Trolley ©

Superyacht Jetski Trolley

Superyacht quality high end jetski trolley built in the UK. Uniquely adjustable in both height and width it fits a wide range of craft. Widely regarded as the superyacht jetski trolley of choice it offers safe, secure and good looking storage for jetskis. Reinforced so it can withstand the heaviest jetski's on the market.

  • Adjustable to fit most jet skis, both the width and height are adjustable
  • Made of marine grade Aluminium for both lightweight and resistance to a saltwater environment
  • Non-marking foam bunkers to protect the ski and avoid wicking water penetration
  • Locking wheels, easily movable by hand
  • 4 lashing points on the corners plus 1 central hold down point for added security in a superyacht garage
  • Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards

Each trolley can also be adapted to include optional leather bunkers and powder coating in a range of colours.


  • Available
  • Delivery in 14 days or more1

Budget Steel Jetski Trolley

If you're looking for a cost effective solution then this may be the option for you.. however please be aware from the outset that these trolley's have a whole lot less included, are significantly heavier, do not have purpose built tie down points etc etc..  think carefully before you make this choice... if you need a trolley temporarily or to store your jetski on land then this however  is a good solution.. 

  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Carpet bunkers to protect the ski 


  • Available
  • Delivery in 14 days or more1

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