T1 Transit Documents

What is a T1 transit document?

A T1 transit document is a document that allows goods imported into the EU to move freely between EU states. 

Effectively, a T1 document serves as a guarantee, generally backed by a bank, that ensures the payment of customs duties and other charges upon arrival in a destination country.


A T1 document notifies customs officials at the border that the payment of all appropriate fees and duties is financially supported. Without a proper T1 document, freight is likely to be held at the EU border, leading to costly delays.

Goods that require T1 customs documents:

Most goods originating in the U.K. have T1 status when shipped to EU member states. 

The rules and guidelines governing what is and isn’t a T1 product are complex many UK-based companies are now partnering with third-party customs experts to handle the paperwork process.

When is a T1 required?

  • When goods are passing through other EU countries before the final destination. - The T1 will be closed when the goods exit the EU.
  • The goods are doing a to customs controlled area in the EU. - The procedure is closed by the customs-controlled area. 
  • The goods are travelling through the EU but are not destined there. - The T1 will be closed when the goods exit the EU.

How to obtain a T1?

We use a customs broker to complete a second declaration with the export clearance. This confirms to EU customs that the goods are moving under bond, and advises them of the liable party in the event that your T1 form is not closed off.

Once the T1 is created, it travels with the parcel so that any border authorities can identify the load. It must then be presented to customs with the import declaration at the destination country so that it can be closed off, and the liability removed from your broker.

Cost of T1 documents?

The fees of the customs broker will be invoiced to the client / buyer for the T1 documents. The client / buyer is required to declare the place where the T1 will be closed off / discharged prior to dispatch. 

Prices fluctuate but in Jan 2024 the cost for T1 documents was £85.00 (ex VAT).