Universal Tender Chocks

Why choose Universal Chocks?

  1. The universal chock fits 99% of all tenders and Jetski's so if you decided to change your jetski or replace it with a tender then you do not need to change the chocks.
  2. The universal chocks are fitted 1000mm apart to accommodate different size hulls. When a tender hull is 5.2m or more,  using 3 universal chocks is recommended. 
  3. You can drive the tender / jetski in from either side as the universal chocks adapt to the shape of the hull (when fitted to hydraulic platforms).
  4. The Universal chocks have been fully endorsed by the Azimut director of sales Richard Cottrell as the best chocks on the market.
  5. The Universal chocks have won a special mention in the 2021 Dame international awards (Mets Trade Show)
  6. With the Universal chocks you get a deck template and the correct fitting drill bits for ease of fitting.
  7. Universal chocks are made with Iroko, a very durable hardwood.

Universal Chock for Tenders (Kit # 500)

The Universal Chocks are self-adjusting and load spreading for Tenders and jetski's up to 1500kg

Designed and manufactured in the UK, from Iroko wood these handcrafted Universal Chock are designed to support 99% of tenders and jetskis securely to your bathing platform or flybridge.

The Universal Chocks are supplied with both flush and low profile deck fittings. 

  • ‘Flush’ deck fittings -  for when a clean deck is required (applicable for teak decks)
  • ‘Low Profile’ fittings - for flybridges when cavity space is limited, on GRP decks, or when more routing is not an option.

The chock are supplied with the attachment pin manufactured in a hard plastic to avoid any damage to the stainless deck plates. To ensure the chocks sit flush on the deck, the underneath of the chocks are rebated to allow for the “low profile” deck fittings. 

What's Included: 

  • 2 x Universal Iroko Chocks (FWD & AFT)
  • 4 x Flush Fit Deck fittings (for Teak decks) 
  • 4 x Low Profile Deck Fittings (for GRP & Faux Teak decks)
  • 4 x Stainless steel deck plates
  • Fixing screws 

The MKII universal chocks now come as standard with 10mm rubber tops



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