Jetski & Tender Mooring Whips

Tender Mooring Whips

Yacht mounted tender mooring whips - pull and hold your tender away from the hull, transom or swim platform which will create a safety zone and protect it from damage. 

Specially designed, heavy duty, fibreglass or carbon fibre rods, mounted in stainless steel bases, stanchion mounts, bulwark hook mounts or freeport mounts, that pull your tender away from the hull by applying continuous variable pressure between the Yacht and Tender/Jetski, while spring lines keep the Tender/Jetski from moving out of position. 

All mooring whips come in 2 lengths for ease of transport and storage. 

Tender Mooring Whip Kits:

Tender Mooring Whip Poles:

Tender Mooring Whip Bases & Mounts:

Tender mooring whips are specialised equipment designed to securely and safely moor tenders or small boats alongside a larger vessel, such as a superyacht or motoryacht. These whips consist of flexible fibreglass or carbon fibre poles that are mounted on the deck of the larger vessel and extend outward to hold the tender in place.

The main purpose of tender mooring whips is to provide a convenient and reliable alternative to traditional docking methods, such as fenders or cleats. They help to reduce the risk of damage to both the tender and the larger vessel by absorbing shock and preventing excessive movement caused by waves or currents.

When considering tender mooring whips, it is important to choose the appropriate length and strength based on the size and weight of your tender. 

Using tender mooring whips can provide added convenience and peace of mind when mooring your tender, allowing for easy access and minimising the risk of damage. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper installation and usage.