Superyacht Sea Pool

Create your own safe swimming area with a sea pool which is easy to attach to the platform of your boat. The deep, mesh net will keep the (jelly) fish away. With a whole range of sizes to choose from there will surely be a product to suit your needs. 

Team it up with an inflatable dock to create an adjacent sunbathing and relaxation area. 

Sea Pools by:

Sea Pool Options:


Brand Material Ballast System Net Warranty Leisure Options
Superyacht Inflatables  DWF TPU 🌱 🌎 Ballast Bags Yes 5yrs dock / 2yrs cover Yes
Aquaglide PVC Ballast Bags Yes 3yrs Yes
FunAir PVC Optional Yes 3yrs Yes
Jobe PVC Ballast Bags Yes 3yrs Yes

Weight & Size matters...

Brand Pool Size (M) Approx Weight (KG) Approx Packed Size (CM)
Superyacht Inflatables Skinny Sea Pool
4 x 4 74 144 x 108 x 50
Aquaglide Ocean Pool 4 x 4 86.5 TBC
FunAir Lagoon Pool 4 x 4 42 TBC
Jobe Infinity Sea Pool
4 x 4 39 123 x 55 x 49
Superyacht Inflatables Sea Pool 5 x 5 84 154 x 100 x 75
FunAir Sea Pool 5 x 5 TBC TBC
Superyacht Inflatables Sea Pool 6 x 5 95 154 x 100 x 75
Aquaglide Ocean Pool
6 x 5 114 115 x 77 x 56