Tender Towing Bridle

Tender Towing Bridle

Length: 270cm

Maximum Load Capacity: 500kg

Included: Tow bridle & storage bag



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Custom Tender Towing Bridle

Length: TBA 

Rating requirements: 2.5 - 3x overall weight of tender

Main towline: Dyneema (naturally floating), double braid for Yacht attachment

Tow points: 2 or 3


Example set up: 

10m double braid bridle (yacht attachment), 60m dyneema main line + 2 x 5m dynemma bridle lines (tender attachment) 

FAQ - Dyneema vs. Spectra - Dyneema has the same chemical structure as spectra - there is information around to say it has a higher break strength and better wear characteristics than spectra but basically both dyneema and spectra are ultra high molecular weight polyethelene. Dyneema is made in the Netherlands and Spectra in the U.S. 


*Please include the following information in the notes of this quote request: 

  • Tender 'wet' weight (i.e. dry weight + fuel)
  • Number of tender tow points 


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