Carbon Tender Mooring Whips

Carbon Tender Mooring Whips are designed for larger tenders, chase boats and limousine tenders weighing between 8000kg - 12,000kg. These Mooring whips have internally run whip lines and stainless steel ferrules to minimise chafe. 

Carbon Mooring Whip Features & Options:

Choosing the right Mooring Whips for your Tender:

Choosing the right tender Mooring Whips

Carbon Tender Mooring Whip Kits:

Mooring Whip kits include 2 x Carbon Mooring Whip Poles with pre-threaded whip line, mesh whip line bag + whip storage bag + 2 x Flush Mount Stainless Steel bases with bolts, nuts & washers.

Carbon Tender Mooring Whip Poles:

Carbon Mooring Whip Poles come with pre threaded whip line and mesh whip line bag.

Mooring Whip Mount Options:

GRP Mooring Whip Options: