Fliteboard AIR

Fliteboard AIR

Fliteboard AIR is our most buoyant, stable and durable board. Fliteboard AIR is a rugged, inflatable and durable board that’s the ideal eFoil for yachts. 



  • Inflatable - Fliteboard AIR has an inflatable exterior, making it lighter to use and easy to rollup for transport and storage.
  • Rugged - Fliteboard AIR is made to be used! Fliteschools or yachts, it’s strong enough to maintain constant enjoyment.
  • Buoyant - With a weight capacity of 100kg and 150 litres volume, heavier riders can lay, kneel and stand with ease.
  • Stable - The extra width and length means that it’s a safe and stable platform to learn the art of eFoiling.
  • Easy-going - Fliteboard AIR has a shorter mast. At 60cm, it allows for a more forgiving and easy-going ride.
  • Fliteboard AIR is made from advanced materials and is constructed to be durable and lightweight. PVC-coated drop-stitch material inflates up to 15-16 psi for superior buoyancy and paddling performance.


eFoil Length: 60cm 

Wing Set: Cruiser 1100 + Flite 290



  • AIR Board
  • Flite Controller + charger
  • Flitecell Sport (battery)
  • Charger
  • eFoil mast
  • Front wing + cover,  stabiliser + cover
  • Wing set includes Front Wing and Stabiliser
  • Pump
  • Bag
  • Accessories Pouch
  • Shims & o-rings
  • 2 Year Warranty



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Other options:

Fliteboard Series 2 Manual
Fliteboard Series 2 Manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 6.4 MB
Fliteboard Series 2 Brochure
FLITEBOARD-Brochure 2022.pdf
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