carbon mooring whip kits

Carbon Tender Mooring Whip Kits

Clear Coated Carbon Mooring Whips Kits

Carbon Mooring Whip Kit includes: 

  • 2 x 6m Clear coated carbon whip poles
  • 2 x Flush Mount stainless steel base 
  • Multi-directional hollow carbon fibre tubes
  • Spinlock PXR cleat to securely hold the whip line
  • Whip Line - run internally through the whip with stainless steel ferrules at entry and exit points
  • 2 part construction for easy storage and transportation
  • Mesh Storage bag for whip line
  • High quality polyester whip line 


Whip Size: 6m (with the longest piece approx 3.1m) 

Weight: 4.4kg per Whip

Rated up to: 20,000kg



Lead Time: Approx 6 - 8 weeks



  • Delivery in 14 days or more1

Tender Mooring Whips Brochure Download:

Tender Mooring Whips Brochure Superyacht

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