Seabob F5 SR

Seabob F5SR

High performance and more extensive features: Make your Seabob F5S into a hi-performance Seabob F5 SR with the Performance Raise special equipment. An overall performance increase of approx 10% added thrust is achieved.

An upgrade with Performance Raise offers you additional extensive special features: The Seabob F5 SR is operated with 7 power gears for example. It also offers the Seabob -Camsystem as standard, with two integrated cameras, a built-in storage system and a WLAN transmission module. You also have the opportunity to select a Bi- colour or Big Label special colour from our range of different colours.

The two tail fins on the Seabob F5 SR create a sporty design and also increase manoeuvrability further when driving underwater. The Seabob with Performance Raise is identified by the F5 SR type label on the tail. 


Standard Price (ex Shipping)

Thrust 745N, 7 power levels, approx. 35 kg, SEABOB Cam, available in all configurations and colour variations with a multiple-layer paint system as a standard, 2 rear fins, F5 SR nameplate 


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Special Colours:

Star White

Platinum Silver Metallic

Ixicon Red

Seabob Accessories: